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by dimsumdebutante on November 22, 2013

A couple of years ago I attended an event and saw a new product called the Fitbit. It didn’t really appeal to me on a personal level, but I told my mom it might make a nice gift for myimpossible-to-shop-for little brother. She bought it, he fell in love, and since then the love has spread. Both of my parents wear them, along with my brother’s girlfriend, her sister, my mom’s best friend, my aunt, uncle, and cousin.

After a family vacation this summer, I caught the fever and decided I’d like one after all. My mom gave me one for my birthday in September. I’m OBSESSED.

What is a Fitbit?

It’s basically a glorified pedometer. There are several different versions, but I have the Flex. It’s a rubber wristband and the electronic component housed inside tracks your movement. It syncs with your smartphone so you can monitor the number of steps you have taken along with total mileage. You can also track your weight, calorie intake and sleep habits, but I don’t really utilize those features.

My favorite part it that you can link up with other people. I can see the number of steps everyone else is taking, too, which is a great motivator.

The baseline goal for all people is 10,000 steps per day. My best day so far was almost 22,000.

Part of being a mom in New York City is walking. I take about 3,000 steps on a roundtrip stroll to The Nut’s school twice a day. Add to that any trips to the store or to meet friends plus the general chasing of a toddler and I easily hit my goal most days. On evenings I haven’t reached 10k, I find myself jogging in place before bed.

While I didn’t really have a weightloss goal, I do think I’ve dropped a couple of pounds and I’ve definitely started opting for the longer route on a walk, just to increase my steps.

A simple psychological push toward better health? Win!

Now just in time for the holidays I hope all of you will go get a Fitbit, too. Let me know if you do so I can add you to my list of Fitbit friends!

Additional note: My first Flex band began to fall apart after several weeks of wear. It eventually broke and fell off while I was out. I contacted Fitbit and they sent me a replacement right away.

This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with Fitbit in anyway. I just love the product!

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Kiira December 12, 2013 at 7:24 pm

I’ve been curious about these! Maybe I’ll have to ask Santa for one… ;)


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