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Parenting two. For real.

by dimsumdebutante on October 24, 2013

I am a “stay at home mom” with two children. For a few hours a day that is the true. Currently I am alone with both kids for about an hour in the morning and about four in the afternoon. I find it 98% manageable.

Then there are days like today and last Monday. The Nut didn’t have school but Ben had work. I had total responsibilty for two children for twelve hour stretches. It was fine. We juggled needs and found some fun and truly they are the days I think I will remember. But they aren’t my truth.

I commend the mothers (and fathers) who really do spend their entire days (and nights) caring for multiple small children. For me, those days are few and far between. And they are exhausting.

I didn’t have two consecutive seconds alone. I forgot to eat. I picked up seven million Cheerios and constantly kept bite-sized four year old toys away from curious eleven month old lips. I spent three hours hushing a big kid so a little one could nap and I incorporated baking and pumpkin painting and a museum visit into a crazy toddler’s Thursday.

Could I do it every day? Yeah, I suppose. Would I want to? Not really.

I chose to wait until The Nut was three (and in school all day) to have a second baby. Days like today prove me {damned} right.

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Sarah October 24, 2013 at 9:07 pm

I hear you! Being with two is tough. Having that space while the big one is in school makes it so much easier. That being said, I have enjoyed the days I’m with my girls alone – although – like you say – I don’t think I could do it full time!


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